A one-stop shop for the cryptocurrency users, the platform provides unique features out of the box.


Our vision is to make a people-controlled global new economy administrations service that makes the crypto world open to a normal person, building a global shared economy platform for the masses.

Out of the Box Features

The exchange will be developed to handle crypto currencies as well as fiat currencies. On regular basis, top leading crypto currencies will be added in exchange. Both buyer and seller can trade at very low transactional fees, directly from within exchange.

Stock Order types

Limit orders are those in which buyer/seller adds his wish price and place order. If market prices matches with wish price at any time then the order executes itself. If price never matches then order will never be executed, this orders can also be set the time limit for maximum waiting period. Once maximum waiting period is over, the order will cancelled automatically.

Market orders are those orders which are executed immediately. If the order placed by buyer/seller, has the price mapped to market at instant then the order will be successful, otherwise order be failed.

Consumer Protection

To save consumer from huge losses, the exchange will provide advance features for Stop Loss and Take profit orders. User can set stop loss and take profile limits on his current stock. If market prices are getting crashed and hits/crosses the stop loss price, then stop loss order executes instantly.

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Fastest Access

Fast access to funds, anytime from anywhere.


Accessible from mulitple platforms: Android mobile app, iOS Mobile app, Website for browsers.

Social Login

Social login for fast login/signup, to reduce time for quick login.

Send & Receive

User friendly design to send/receive in minimum steps .

Coin Swap

Coin swap between any two coins, all leading coins supported by platform

Private Wallet

Self managed wallet to manage your private keys yourself to keep full access to yourself.

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Simplified Managed Funds

To support our consumers and maximize their profits, we will have a team of financial analysts. This team will be responsible for implementing a fund's investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities.

To use funds management feature, we will be having different concept of SMF (Simplified Managed Funds). These funds would be split over different risk categories.

The profit of funds will be announced at certain regular intervals and profit will be shared as the rise in price of underlying assets. These funds can be sold buy consumer at any moment to withdraw the profit in fiat currencies.

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Crowdsale will be done in total 3 phases.


16 Dec 1 Day
  • Pre registered Users
  • Minimum 5 Ethers as investment

Crowdsale Phase 2

  • Phase 2 is cancelled now
  • Hard cap already reached

Frequently asked questions

SAMFins is a uiversal cryptcurrency wallet and exchange that allows average as well as power users to managethere assets in a secure and convenient way.

Security is our first priority while building SAMfins. it will be as secure as the underlying device it is being used upon.User will be in complete control of there assets and decide what happens wit them.

The private keys will always reside with you the user and SAMFins will have no control on it

SAMFins will be available for all major platforms, we will have a web wallet, desktop wallet and native mobile wallet for both IOS and Android

Anyone can participate in crowdsale except the residents of USA, China and Singapore

Following the crowdsale , the token will available on major exchanges across the globe and anyone can purchase or trade them. However we do not endorse any particular exchange.
SAMFins will be available in early 2018 and we will have rolling releases moving forward . Adding new features every release as mentioned in roadmap

No SAMFins is not a security as it legally does not qualify to be a security.

If your question is not addressed, it is recommend joining our telegram channel where you will get access to other community members which can help you have discussions and resolve queries .If you would like to open a ticket, please email at support@samfins.com


You can reach to us in case of any question or enquiry.

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